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Ep 21: Canada`s national security: lessons for mexico?

So in honour (canadian spelling) of Canadas 150 yrs, this podcast looks at how Canada defines its National Security. Trust me, its pretty weird, Canada needs the US to defend its territoriality and sovereignty so Canadian National Security is intertwined with that of the USA. During WW2 canada recognized that it couldn't do it on its own. It needed the US. The close security relationship has subsequently developed to a point where it is absolutely unique in the world. Putting aside Mexican nationalism, I think the Canada-US experience serves as a lesson for Mexican decision makers. Lets face it. Both Canada and Mexico cannot manage their security threats on their own. We both need the US. Yes, once again its in spanglish. So I apologize to non spanish speakers. I PROMISE the lineup for the next few interviews will be 100% in english. well, maybe i`ll swear in spanish here and there... by the way, the speech by the mystery speaker this week is a tough one. whoever figures it out will get a carlos V chocolate shipped DHL. (no i lie, but email the answer if you figure it out at

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