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Episode 14: Ex Homeland Security Undersecretary and Border CZAR Alan Bersin

ONLY ON THE PERIMETER PODCAST! I chat with Alan Bersin, former undersecretary for Homeland Security and the "Border Czar" under Obama and Clinton. Guess what, we discuss borders. But not only the US-Mexico border (which we spend alot of time on by the way) but also Canada-US border and in general, what "borders" mean today in a globalized world and what is the best way to keep them safe. If there is one person who knows what the heck they are talking about on the subject of borders, its Alan. Not much more I can say to convince you to listen to this. If you dont, you are really missing out. This is not something you would want to miss. FYI: Ill be out of town for a couple of weeks on business, so the next episode will be slightly delayed.

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