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Episode 15: What is POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC RISK ANALYSIS, plus my take on the PUTIN/TRUMP love affai

So in this episode, Oscar Becerra, a leading global expert on Country Risk Analysis in charge of Latin America and Mexico for "the banking sector" (he wont let me say more, otherwise he will have to shot me) explains what is risk analysis and how it complements threat analysis by looking specifically at the case of Mexico. Its a fascinating discussion on how POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC RISK affects our daily lives... to the prices we pay for products, to the stores we shop at, to the airlines we fly on. Oscar also gives us some great advise on how to reduce our RISK. You will want to listen to this episode because unfortunately, RISK analysis is a growing industry in Latin America and Africa... Lots of job opportunities for all you young wipper-snappers! Before the interview, I give my take on the latest Global/US/Russia/NATO nonsense going on. And I wont tell you who I blame. You will have to listen to the podcast. Ok you could probably guess, but listen anyways to see why I think what I think. You may find yourself agreeing with me.

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