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Episode 17: the new Internal Security law in Mexico: Good or Bad (BAD, VERY BAD, A COMPLETE DISASTER

Ok, so this episode is on the new Internal Security law in Mexico.. My good buddy, Arturo Santa cruz from the University of Guadalajara invited Jorge, Alejandro and me to talk about the new "ley de seguridad interior" that the senate is debating right now. Its gives special policing powers to the military when needed to deal with organized crime. Well, I have some serious problems with this as you will find out by listening to the podcast. The podcast is actually a conference that took place two weeks ago at the University of Guadalajara where Jorga Chabat from CIDE, Alejandro Anaya, also from CIDE and myself were invited to speak on the new law. Jorge likes it (OMG!!!) and Alejandro and myself think its a bad idea. Listen to find out why. BY THE WAY: THE PODCAST IS IN SPANISH. So sorry to all the international listeners who dont speak the language. I introduced something new to the podcast: speeches from famous leaders talking about security issues (short, only a couple of minutes each and in this episode there are two speeches. But I dont tell you who they are. Guess and send me an email. You can win a chocolate bar.

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