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Episode 19: New Cold War with Steve Saideman. Putin plays global politics like he plays Judo, and Tr

So Steve Saideman from the Norman Paterson School of International affairs and I take a look at the new Cold War. He has an interesting take on this. Two actors: Putin and Trump, but guess who Steve thinks is more dangerous? Listen to find out. We look at all the places that Putin is pulling a "Judo", including Ukraine, Baltics, Middle East and yes, even in the Canadian Artic. Steve argues that some have been victories for Putin but others have been resounding mistakes, like in Syria. We also look at how the US has been responding... Hint, not good, not good at all. In fact he refers to Trump as an "uncertainty factory" which is freaking out his allies. Trump also seems to have forgotten why the US "pays" for western security. Yes, there is a good reason.

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