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Episode 20: US Defense policy, ALL WRONG!, ALL WRONG!!! WRONG!!!!!! in spanglish

So in this episode, I give you my take on US defense policy under Obama and Trump. Whats happened to the armed forces? well, they have been gutted, barely able to sustain major combat operations over an extended period of time. This makes Russia and China very happy, especially given that these two countries are actually building up their military as we speak. I argue that this is a problem. Whether we like it or not, the world needs US defense leadership. This podcast is in spanglish so I apologize to all non-spanglish speakers. Its a talk that I gave about 10 days ago and I though you all might be interested. As usual, there is a mystery speech from a mystery leader (email response to Oh and as an added bonus, the opening song is something my band and I put together about 25 years ago!

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