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Episode 23: Reforming Law Enforcement in Mexico: Challenges and challenges and challenges

So episode 23 which is in ENGLISH is an interview with DR. Juan Salgado from Center for teaching and research in economics (CIDE) on what kinds of law enforcement reforms are necessary in order to increase effectiveness. He draws on comparative research, having looked at the cases of central america, south america and south Africa. This guy is AWESOME. He is really world renowned on this subject. We are Facebook friends, and every time I see him there, he is travelling to speak in south america, Africa, eastern Europe, ITALY (i wonder why Italy, maybe its Sicily?, no stereotypes here). What I am trying to say is that the guy knows his s)?t. Anybody, anywhere in the world, interested in law enforcement reform should listen to this podcast. This is a REALLY good one (all of them are really good). I also do a 3-minute interview with my son Lambro Hristoulas (aka labs) on what he thinks about law enforcement reform. He seems more interested in the dog. The secret guest speaker series continues. If you know who he is, email the answer to

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