Episode 24: Dr. Craig Deare on US-Mexico Defense cooperation, A Tail Of Two Eagles

Description: Dr. Craig Deare (retired US Army Colonel, former Senior Advisor on Hemispheric Security at the National Security Council and presently Professor at the National Defense University in Washington) recently published a book titled "A Tail Of Two Eagles", which looks at Mexico-US defense cooperation. On this episode, I interview him on how he sees that evolving relationship. He is optimistic, even in these interesting times. Listen to the podcast to find out why! Craig has seen the relationship evolve first hand since the 1980s... if there is THE person to listen to on this subject. If you like what you hear, pick up his book.

You can see it and pick up a copy at https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781442269446/A-Tale-of-Two-Eagles-The-US-Mexico-Bilateral-Defense-Relationship-Post-Cold-War or at https://www.amazon.com/Tale-Two-Eagles-US-Mexico-Relationship/dp/144226943X

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