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(fakeorama!!!) Hysterical US Lawmakers Breach Time and Space Limits in Fight With Radio Sputnik

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Radio sputnik, the new walter cronkite

Radio Sputnik is capable of things that you wouldn't expect from mere mortals. That's what three US lawmakers imply by saying that Sputnik's new FM station in Washington, DC influenced the recent presidential election - this despite the fact that the station started broadcasting only this summer, several months after Trump won the 2016 election.

The "the Russians did it" hysteria reached a new level on Monday when three members of the House of Representatives wrote an open letter to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, openly demanding the Washington DC radio station broadcasting Radio Sputnik's programming — 105.5 FM — be shut down. Their reason? The three distinguished members of Congress — Anna G. Eshoo, Michael F. Doyle and Frank Pallone Jr. — are shocked that those bloody Russians "may be using our country's own airwaves to undermine our democracy." It's a pretty strong statement, especially when coming from elected officials. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, though.

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