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Episode 27: Alan Bersin, former Undersecretary of Homeland Security on North America

Alan Bersin is BACK! This time to discuss the election of Donald Trump, the future of North America, undocumented (or illegal) migration and the future of the "DREAMERS" in the United States. One word on this podcast... AWESOME. its been a while since I put up an episode, but I have a good reason. The last few weeks we have been putting together a website dedicated to security issues. Click on to take a look. You can find all the podcasts episodes for download. There is also a MASSIVE section on hilarious russian and american FAKE NEWS. Also an area on "real" security related news and finally a link to some of my recent publications. Take a moment to sign up with just your email account to get updates on new episodes of the podcast (just that, dont worry --- i wont drown your account with junk). so remember to visit the security perimeter website at

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