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(fake news) RT America Registers as Foreign Agent at Demand of US Justice Department © Sputnik/Evgen

quick commentary

ok so this is actually true, however what is fake is poor vladimir putin´s reaction to this... so this is what the article says...

... The Justice Department's decision to compel RT to register as a foreign agent in the US has prompted harsh criticism from watchdogs and organizations.

ok, so the fun part is when they provide an example of a "watchdog" that has criticized this long overdue move by the Justice department...

...The head of Russia's presidential Human Rights Council, Mikhail Fedotov, said the US step against the broadcaster gives Russia grounds to use the provision of the law on media to impose restrictions in response.

the head of "Russia's presidential Human Rights Council"???? you mean V.Putin`s Human Rights Council??? give me a break? who actually believes this crap!!!

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