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The spectacular, incredible, extremely politically incorrect holiday special!!

This is the story of how the entirety of the securityperimeter staff got permanently banned from entering Russia.

here it is!! the episode the entire planet has been waiting for!!!! the Putin XMAS special!!! Inés, Valentina, Sarah, Facundo and I go through some of the most awesome Russian fake news and make some seriously awesome and extremely funny commentary (if i may say). Among the many things that we discovered (such as "secret" NATO documents that I guess are not so secret after all, we all come to the conclusion that Vladimir is a transvestite homosexual (not that there is anything wrong with that)... but just look at the podcast photo, I mean, if that's not proof I don't know what is. Among the many things that you will learn: how North Korean nukes are really a "fake" excuse for the US to dominate the planet. North Korea is not a threat (see? i didnt know that) How Russians are actually on a humanitarian mission in Syria feeding starving children... How Canadian troops are staying in the best hotels in the Baltic military deployment. AND SO MUCH MORE! Its an awesome example of what the "real" truth is and how terrible news agencies such as CNN have been lying to us all this time. please note.... this is an EXTREMELY politically incorrect podcast and should not be listened to by anyone who does not have a serious seriously serious sense of humor...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!! and good luck. May the Putin be with you.

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