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NATO a Hypocritical Bloc, Pursuing Purely Commercial Purposes – Defense Analyst (fake news of course

(further comment, sorry i cant stop... so russia not a threat, never invaded crimea and is at war with ukraine, fake news, nothing to see)

NATO suffers from internal contradictions, and the alliance is unable to provide a unified approach to its policies, Italian defense analyst, editor-in-chief of Defense Online (Difesa Online) news portal Andrea Cucco told Sputnik Italia, sharing his view on what the bloc has become.

Andrea Cucco pointed out that NATO has found itself in a deep crisis caused by its inability to provide a unified approach in its foreign policy due to the wildly varying philosophies of its member states.

The Alliance still justifies its extensive military drills and anti-Russian political decisions by the alleged threat posed by Moscow to its neighbors, he opined. He further provided his assessment of the Silver Arrow 2017 exercises, which have recently wrapped up in Latvia and which involved 3,500 servicemen from 11 member countries.

While saying that he sees "nothing unusual" in military training, the expert nevertheless noted that the pretext for the drills, namely the so called threat of a Russian invasion, or otherwise military provocations, do not stand up to scrutiny.


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