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Episode 29: Dan Libby on Internal Affairs and law enforcement

So Dan Libby, a 30 year veteran of law enforcement in the United States and consultant for law enforcement agencies on internal affairs reform, and I - discuss how and why internal affairs can help clean up law enforcement agencies. PARTICULARLY RELEVANT TO MEXICANS, RIGHT? This is the first episode of 2018. Officially, the 3rd year of the podcast! Dan Libby and I met when he was here discussing internal affairs with local law enforcement and we kind of became friends. In fact he seriously impressed me with his talk, and it made me think an "easier" way to fix law enforcement is through internal affairs reform. Listen in to see what he thinks about this hypothesis.

here is his bio....

A 38-year veteran of law enforcement, both as a Sheriff’s Chief Deputy and as a Chief of Police, Chief Dan Libby now teaches extensively regarding law enforcement and criminal justice and serves as a consulting expert and expert witness on such police procedures topics as administrative negligence, employment policies, civil rights violations, training and discipline, search and seizure, and internal affairs investigations.

He is a graduate of the Command Officer Training Program at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, the 202nd session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Charter Executive Leadership Class.

Chief Libby has instructed over 20,000 law enforcement officers and criminal justice students in a multitude of subjects including search and seizure law, constitutional law, criminal law, community policing, laws of arrest, criminology, emergency planning, and legal issues in internal affairs investigations -- an intensive look at all legal aspects to police misconduct and the disciplinary process.

and the link to his webpage...

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