(some really awesome pictures) Incredible colour snaps bring World War II to life and reveal the bra

RAVERY of the Allied soldiers who fought on D-Day in World War Two has been brought spectacularly back to life in these colourised photographs.

The stunning images show soldiers inside a landing craft approaching Omaha Beach, members of an American landing party helping survivors of a sunken boat on Utah Beach, and gunners arriving as reinforcements on D-Day.

Other striking shots show Lance Corporals A.Burton and L.Barnett of 6th Airborne Division guarding a road junction near Ranville the day after D-Day and members of 12th Parachute Battalion enjoying a cup of tea after fighting their way back to their own lines after three days behind enemy lines.

The original black and white photographs were colourised by design engineer Paul Reynolds, 48, from Birmingham.

He said: “I mostly colourise war photos because each photo usually has a story to tell, stories of real everyday people.

“I think colourising detailed photos really brings them to life. You notice detail that usually gets missed due to the monotone background.

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