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The election of AMLO in Mexico and the future of cooperation with the US with Eric Olson

So, after a very long break from the podcast because i had way to much work the last few months, we are back with a brand new episode on the election of AMLO and in Mexico and the future of security cooperation with the USA with Senior Fellow Eric Olson from the Wilson Center in DC. We spoke alot about why Mexico is in so much trouble and what AMLO needs to do and what he is likely to do. Oh yeah, all of this in the context of a Trump presidency in the US. hope you enjoy and please check out the web page at (lots of fun stuff there). Sorry for such a long delay between episodes, it really was a very busy 3 months. From now on, Ill be much more consistent in the production of the episodes.

Eric Olson (if you dont already know who he is) is Senior Fellow and the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center. He writes about security cooperation between Mexico and the US among other stuff. You can download some of his publications at

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