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An interview with someone who interviewed Vladimir Putin...

So in this episode, I interview veteran Mexican newsbroadcaster Jorge Berry who flew to Moscow and interviewed Vladimir Putin in 2002 in the Kremlin. Our discussion is less about the issues, and more about the "vibe" he got from Putin. SPOILER ALERT: he doesnt like Putin. In fact Putin did something so nasty, so typically "Putin" to him... I wont tell you what it is. You gotta hear the podcast to find out, but Putin is a nasty, NASTY dude. I also got to ask Jorge his opinion on a certain aspect of Putin's personal life and Jorge gives me an answer! Again, you have to listen to the podcast to find out more. This will certainly get me on Putin´s list (I hope so). Thanks Jorge, this podcast episode was fun! lots of laughs!

please checkout the podcast webpage for some fun filed facts about Putin at

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