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Fucking Putin is nuts...

Status-6: Why Russia's 100-Megaton Nuclear Torpedo Is Truly Terrifying

National Interest

If Kanyon were simply a propaganda weapon, it would fit ably into a wider narrative of Russian disinformation. But the Pentagon thinks Kanyon is real enough, and Russia never lost the undersea skills it inherited from the USSR, even during the bad days of the 1990s.

On November 10, 2015, Russian media accidentally-on-purpose revealed a glimpse into the Kremlin's new underwater weapon— the "Kanyon" or Status-6 nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed drone. Since then the debate swirling around the device, such as whether it is real, its practicality, military use and history. This has produced a picture of a very old idea reborn into a new and dangerous age.

The Kanyon UUV (unmanned underwater vehicle) as described and illustrated is a very, very large torpedo almost eighty feet long and five feet in diameter. Fitted with a monstrous 100-megaton nuclear warhead and propelled by a nuclear power plant, Kanyon is designed to create radioactive tsunamis in ports and coastal areas.

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