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The 2019 New Years Security Perimeter Podcast: I blame Neoliberalism

Last year in was Putin, this year its neoliberalism. Valentina, Sarah, Diego, "anonymous", Ines, Carla and I get together to discuss some very serious issues ranging from Neoliberalism, the new Mexican President (AMLO), the Unholy Trinity (neoliberalism, corruption, and organized crime), Wood soup in Venezuela, alternative facts, and exorcisms. Our task is to help the new mexican president figure out how to rid the country of Neoliberalism (I wonder if he knows why its called "neo"). We also discuss the awesomely great fuel shortages in the country and how that is part of the master holy plan to rid mexico of the evil neoliberals. The power of MORENA compels you! What can I say, I blame Neoliberalism.

(click on image to listen!)

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