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Mexican National Secirity and Intelligence under AMLO

Finally!!!! a new episode is up... its been a long time, i know. but its been a crazy semester. its almost over so i should be getting back to normal on the podcast (about 1 every 3 weeks). So in this podcast, Javier Oliva from UNAM, Jose Luis Calderon from INAP and myself discuss how we see national security and intelligence moving forward in mexico. not so much on the threats etc, but much more on the management and legislation. I ripped these talks (with the permission of the speakers of course) from a workshop that I attended last week sponsored by a (unnamed) mexican security institution. there were many speakers nut the three of us seem to on the same page and our talks really complement one another. I have to say that this is probably the first time ever that javier and I agree on something. Its worth listening to the podcast just to hear that! so let me thank Javier and Jose Luis for allowing me to publish their talks. BTW, sorry -- the whole thing is in spanish for those non-spanish speaking followers of the podcast. this time, you are out of luck.

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