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An interview with BIOHAZARD: An ETHICAL hacker

We are back once again with a new episode. This time with BIOHAZARD, an Ethical Hacker whose career did not start off so ethically if you know what I mean. He remains anonymous throughout the entire episode but if you ever need his help for something, email me at

We have a fascinating discussion about the cyber underworld that so few of know about and he explains just how freaking dangerous it is. I swear, after listening to this you will want to turn your phone, computer, wifi even your power off. This is scary stuff. What is even scarier is that he explains how helpless so many of are because we tend to do very very very very very stupid things when we are online.

Finally, its worth listening to what he did that got him in so much trouble with the US Justice Department in the 1990s. Think CYBERTERRORISM and destruction of government property. nuff said.

Listen at

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