U.S. Air Force could acquire a fleet of stealthy unmanned fighter jets

The U.S. Air Force may be on its way to acquiring a fleet of XQ-58 Valkyrie stealthy unmanned combat aerial vehicles, according to Kratos president and CEO Eric DeMarco.

The newest XQ-58A Valkyrie is a jet-powered drone designed to fly alongside manned fighter jets and navigate autonomously. The new unmanned combat aerial vehicle developed by the Kratos Defense & Security Solutions in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) under the Low-Cost Attritable Strike Demonstrator (LCASD) Programme.

[...] The UAV is scheduled to undergo a total of five planned test flights. During these demonstration flights, the XQ-58A will be tested for system functionality, aerodynamic performance, and its launch and recovery systems.

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