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Saki on Sabbatical podcast. Busting WW2 Myths part 1: Did the west do nothing and Russia won WW2 1/3

Ok, so im on sabbatical and i was thinking of a podcast project. I came up with this idea to bust WW2 myths like, "well the NAZI were evil, but they were good military strategists" No they were not. They sucked They were horrible. Thank god the NAZIs made these horrendous military mistakes because it cost them the war. If the Nazis were not there, the german army may have actually won. Another myth: that the verseilles treaty punished the germans so much and that caused WW2 (bullcrap).

This specific episode is part 1 of (i think) a 3 part series on the common belief (especially in russia) that the west did nothing and that only russia did the "real" fighting in WW2 (more bullcrap and listen to the episode to find out why) This is gonna be fun for me. I hope you enjoy the series and PLEASE give me some feedback on what you think of it. And it you can think of any other possible WW2 myths that need busting... please suggest. So remember, this first WW2 MYTHBUSTER will probably end up being 3 parts, this one is only part 1. Putin is really gonna hate me after this!!!!

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