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Saki on Sabbatical Security Perimeter Podcast: WW2 MYTHBUSTING WW2. E4/3 (Bonus), THE BOMBING OF HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI

October 15, 2019

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Saki on Sabbatical Security Perimeter Podcast: MYTHBUSTING WW2. E3/3, No the Soviets did not single handedly with the war.

October 10, 2019


So here is the 3rd and final episode on MYTHBUSTING WW2 and the belief that the soviets single handedly won the war. This episode looks at the final phase of the war, during and after the landings at Normandy in June of 1944. Russians love to argue that D DAY was a piece of cake, but they conveniently forget what happened at Falais and at the Battle of the Bulge. Listen in to get the details!!!!

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