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MYTHBUSTING WW2: NAZIS the great strategists? I think not. Part 3

OK. So this episode looks at the North Africa Campaign and Barbarossa. OMG. HOW PROFOUNDLY STUPID CAN THEY BE. The little corporal (HITLER) made some REALLY REALLY REALLY smart strategic choices during this period (NOT). And thank GOD they listened to him. I mean how stupid can you get? and I dont mean the choice to invade Russia, but rather what the Little Corporal (aka THAT MAN as referred to by churchill) made the german army do when the invasion had already begun. The russians didnt win mr. #putin, but rather, hitler and the rest of the IDIOTS around him lost it. ALSO ALSO ALSO: AWESOME NEW AUDIO EQUIPMENT... so no more crappy sound. Promise.

This episode is dedicated to all the NEO-NAZIS OUT THERE! I hope this episode makes you feel all warm and cuddly on the inside. you failed then, you will fail again.

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