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Mythbusting the New Cold War: Part 1- a look at Putin`s Background

Ok, so im starting a new mythbusting series. This time on the new Cold War. Whose to blame? are the russians poor victims of excessive NATO expansion? or is Putin a thug and bully just looking to pick a fight if he can win? Well, I think many of you know what I think.

This first episode looks at Putin`s background, starting with his "KGB" experience during the 1980s all the way up to his "free and fair" election in 2012. It scares me so much that people all around the world think that this guy is such a great leader. Hence the title "mythbusting". This episode will (hopefully) convince you that honestly, Putin is just a freaking opportunist thug who is taking his country down a very dangerous path. Russia and Russians will eventually pay the price. Episodes 2 and 3 will look at US/NATO and Russians policies that have contributed to the new "cold war" and part 3 will look at the arms race today.


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