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Twitter partners with UK govt-backed, CIA-linked Reuters to censor alternative views

COMMENT: I dont even understand the title of the article let alone the content.. and yes.. there are nazi moon bases as well.

Twitter is collaborating with Reuters, a CIA-linked media outlet that also participates in a covert UK information warfare program, to censor “misinformation” on social media.

Social media giant Twitter has announced that it will work with Reuters and the Associated Press to censor supposed “misinformation” on the platform, while actively promoting news stories that they deem to be “credible.”

Both of these media outlets are reliable mouthpieces of Western governments, but Reuters takes the cozy relationship a step further.

During the first cold war, Reuters was funded by the British government to spread anti-Soviet propaganda and to disseminate misinformation that served UK foreign-policy interests in the Middle East and Latin America.

Today, Reuters still works closely with the British government. Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal revealed how the media company has participated in a covert UK Foreign Office information warfare program aimed at creating “attitudinal change” in Russian journalists, “weakening Russia,” and advancing NATO geopolitical goals.

It was, in fact, the publication of that factual report that led Twitter to place an unprecedented warning label on all tweets that linked to Blumenthal’s article, warning users that the materials proving Reuters’ collaboration with the British government “may have been obtained through hacking.”


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