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World was ‘vaccinated against virus of Nazism’ by WWII, but immunity wearing off in countries like U

A sharp spike in the number of cases of virulent Russophobia and efforts to rehabilitate Nazis shows that people are forgetting the lessons learned from WWII and sliding back toward disaster, Russia's top diplomat has claimed.

Speaking at the International Anti-Fascist Forum in Moscow on Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov paid tribute to the anniversaries of two historical events this year – the 80th anniversary of Russia joining the war against Nazi Germany, and the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg war trials giving their final verdicts. "Unfortunately, today, the effect of the vaccination they gave against the Nazi virus is beginning to weaken," Lavrov said. "In Ukraine and in the Baltic countries, anti-Russian propaganda is being carried out in the open, while nationalist radicals rear their heads."


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